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FM Mattsson Challis Ag+ Showers in Antarctica​

Showers in Antarctica. The Antarctic is undoubtedly the most remote and inhospitable

 place on earth.  An ideal place to test a product to its limits. In this type of extreme environment, only the best will do and that's why FM Mattsson showers and taps are the only practical choice.

Challis Ag+ in association with our Swedish Partners, FM Mattsson, are proud to supply the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) with our showers.

FM Mattsson units have a built-in resistance to salt water and as such have a long history of supplying showers and faucets to the offshore oil and shipping industries and as such were the first choice for the British Antarctic Survey.

One of the key requirement of BAS was a proven track record of reliability which is obviously essential taking into consideration the extreme conditions and the location.  It's not as if a plumber can make a quick site visit or spares are easily and quickly available for delivery to site.

One of the unique features of the FM Mattsson showers is our patented and unique

thermostatic and pressure balanced temperature control which enables accurate consistent temperature control regardless of flow and pressure fluctuations which would normally defeat a standard mixing valve.

Combined with our world-beating temperature differential these units really do exceed all of our client's expectations

If you are looking for showers and taps that have been tested and proven under the harshest conditions conceivable, then look no further. FM Mattsson showers combine elegant good looks and stunning timeless design with robust reliability, vital for use in this hostile environment.

For more details call us on 01628 529024 or Browse our new web site

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