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How Safe Are Your Face Masks & Visors?

I am sure you have noticed reports in the media regarding PPE face visors and masks that turn out to be unfit for purpose and give no protection to the wearer. Even the UK Government has been caught out by cheap substandard visors and facemasks.

You may be surprised to learn that all that is required to sell PPE face mask and visors in the UK is CE compliance.  You may also be surprised to learn that any company can self certify their own product as being CE compliant.  All you have to do is draft the appropriate declaration that you visor is compliant and upload to your web site, simple. As one would expect many suppliers have done just that, working on the basis that by the time the end-user has actually queried their efficacy and safety they would be long gone.  Much the same as the level of protection these products provide, this type of CE self-certified protection, in reality, is no protection at all.

If your staff require PPE, providing them with properly tested and approved units and taking the time to complete your due diligence is time well spent.

You will be pleased to know that Challis Ag+ Safety Face Visors have been fully tested by BSI and hold full approvals.  So to ensure that the protection you are providing for your staff actually works choose Challis in preference to cheap budget units you will be offered which actually provide no protection and at worse give a false assurance of safety.

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