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Challis Boosters

Boosting Flow & Pressure

Whether you have a commercial or residential application, ensuring that you have adequate flow and pressure to all outlets is a key requirement. Many new builds or refurbishments do not have adequate mains supply capacity which as a limiting factor can be a costly and difficult problem to resolve.  The Challis Booster system can solve this problem quickly efficiently and more importantly cost effective.  The Challisbooster system provides a building own dedicated water storage reservoir and pumping station, completely independent from the incoming mains supply and its associated limitations.

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Challis Booster

How The Challis Boost Increases Pressure and Flow to All Your Outlets

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What Would You Like to Know?

I Have a Shower With Very Low Water Pressure & Flow What Can I Do?

The Challis Booster uses inherent pressure within the water supply at times of low demand to store and lock that pressurised water in an accumulator vessel to be available for use later at times of high demand. If your mains water pressure is low 24 hours a day (ie some areas of London and Greater London have very high water demand) then you can use the Challis Booster plus jockey pump to add that extra boost in pressure to your stored water supply.

I Have Low Water Flow What Can I Do?

Water Flow is dependant on your pipe size. Small pipework equals small water flow. Because the Challis Booster stores water in a vessel under pressure you can fit whatever size outlet pipe to the vessel you like, so you can easily increase the available flow in your home to cope with as many bathrooms as you like.

I Have a Low Water Pressure Shower What Can I Do to Improve It?

Fitting a Challis Booster will increase flow and pressure throughout your home, not just your showers, so you can have power showers all over your home if you want.

How do I fit a Challis Booster in my property?

Fitting the Challis Booster system is simplicity in itself as it is a straight forward in line fit, however, we do recommend that the Challis Booster is fitted by a qualified plumber.
Full installation instructions are available to download in our instruction Manual

My Main Water Supply Pipe Into My Home Is Too Small What Can I Do?

Small diameter mains supply into your home will limit your flow. By fitting a Challis Booster you can have whatever size outlet pipe you like from your Challis Booster cylinder so you can easily increase the available flow in your home to cope with as many bathrooms as you like.

Heating boiler


Increased Water Pressure & Flow To All Outlets

Whisper Quite Operation

Pumps Water Directly Off The Incoming Mains Supply

Reduced Footprint, Installation and Running Costs

Complete Modular System

Fit & Forget

Improves Performance of Unvented Cylinders, Combi Boilers, Showers & Taps

Why Not Contact or Specification Team on 01628 529024 or

Technical & Installation Manual

For full specification, sizes, capacities, accessories along with full detailed installation and commissioning instructions why not download our new Tech & Installation Manual


Our Testimonials

Challis supplied their new booster pump which works perfectly and is a lot quieter than my previous one.

Dick Strawbridge (Channel 4 Escape to the Chateau)

Plumber just left after fitting Challisboost 110. After years of rubbish showers its belting out.

Chuffed As a Chocolate Frog (Orpington Kent)

Wandsworth is notorious for bad water pressure and my mains pressure has been reduced again. I was at my wits end with no water in the morning or early evening. Even on good days I would just get a dribble to shower under. The Challis Boost that I have just had fitted has changed my life, real power showers when and where I want!

Ms Ashton (London)

We live on a farm in the Peak District and the mains water supply has got to come quite a long way and often runs out of puff before it gets to us. We recently fitted a 310 plus accumulator and pump. The water shoots out and we never run out now.

Mr Gilman (Derbyshire)

My third floor flat sometimes has little or no water and I don’t know why. My plumber suggested fitting a ChallisBoost and now I have unbelievable flow.

Ms Willet (Manchester)

We just added an extension with another bedroom and en suite however we did not even consider that our current system may not be able to cope with the increase in demand. Our only solution was to increase the size of our mains water pipe. Our plumber said it was a lot of work and a lot of cash with no guarantee it would work. Instead we fitted two 450 Challis Boost accumulators, problem solved overnight, as much flow and pressure as we want at all outlets in the house. What a result.

Mr Forbes (Thetford)

Just a big thank you for the supply and installation advice on one of your pressure booster tanks. The tank is doing a superb job supplying a high flow luxury shower built in a shed in our camping field, despite being fed by an old alkathene pipe with a 3/8″ internal diameter! The shower pressure is better than in the house! Does exactly what you said it would do, and your customer service (both pre and post purchase) is second to none. Companies like yours are what should be getting this country back on its feet. Thanks again.

Dr McCall (Llandyssul)

My combi boiler would not switch on some times. Apparently they need a min incoming water pressure to work properly. Had an 80 litre Challis Boost fitted yesterday now working perfectly.

Mr Ward (Welwyn Garden City)

One of our most recent developments was a 20 flat project in central Sheffield. To maximise our opportunity and space we did away with a central plant room. Putting Challis boost cylinders in each flat meant tenants had their own reservoir and pumping station and more importantly individual ownership of system rather than a communal system and all the problems that brings. Install costs dramatically reduced as well.

Mr Campion (Developer)

As a washing machine test centre, our demand for water fluctuates from hour to hour and day to day. Sometimes we were actually running out of water halfway through a test. Fitting Challis Boost cylinders has solved this problem. Thanks for your help and advice.

Mr Penfold (Washing Machine Test Centre)

Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you and Russell for your advice regarding the installation of my Challis 310.
I fitted it on Saturday and the difference it makes is unbelievable – I think I’m going to have to pinch back some of my taps the water is coming out so fast!

Mr Coates (Hillingdon)


Europower House, Lower Road, Cookham, Maidenhead SL6 9EH, UK

01628 529024

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