Challis Ag+ Antimicrobial /

Virus Protection Film

Protecting Customers and Staff 
From Covid-19   24/7

High traffic touch areas such as door push pads, computer touch screens and shopping trolley handles present a high risk of contact to contact microbial contamination and transmission. Protecting your customers and staff with the Challis Ag+ Anti Microbial/Virus film, applied quickly and easily, to these high-risk areas will provide the 24/7 Anti-Microbial/Virus protection that your staff and customers need and expect.

Tested & Approved against Covid-19 under DESIN-5510 for Corona Virus Type 229 E Crown (ATCC VR-740

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About Ag+

Ag+ Anti-Microbial/Virus Protective Film is manufactured in the UK by Challis MS Ltd the UK's largest manufactures of anti-microbial showers.  Having supplied anti-microbial showers to NHS Trusts across the UK for over 15 years the recent Covid-19 crisis enabled us to re-purpose some of our anti-microbial manufacturing capacity.  Our brand new Anti-Microbial/Virus protective film uses the same Silver Ion antimicrobial technology that we have used in our showerheads and hoses, very successfully, for over 15 years.
Silver has been used since Egyptian times as a very effective method of killing germs.  Silver ions in the film act upon the cell membrane of bacterium and break it down resulting in the very effective and reliable termination of the bacterium and its proliferation. As well as killing germs on contact our Ag+ film maintains a residual effect for several months ensuring that your staff and customers are safe and protected 24 hours a day.
Our Ag+ Anti-Microbial/Virus Film can be supplied to suit your specific requirements, any size, any colour, printed or clear.

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Door Furniture

Shopping Trolleys

Touch Screens

Phones & iPads






antibacterial protective film

Features & Benefits

24 Hour Anti-Microbial/Virus Protection

Kills 99% of Germs

Quick & Easy to Fit

Suitable for Multiple Applications

Bubble Free Installation

Cost Effective Complete Protection


Leaves No Residue

Suitable for Touch Screens, Smartphones & Tablets

Crystal Clarity

Bespoke Sizes Available

Bespoke Design & Branding Available

Made in UK

Quick & Reliable Service & Delivery



Europower House, Lower Road, Cookham, Maidenhead SL6 9EH, UK

01628 529024

Europower House, Lower Road, Cookham, Maidenhead SL6 9EH, UK

01628 529024

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