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Turning Any Customer into a Repeat Customer

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Keeping your brand and products in front of your customers and turning them into a repeat customer is a constant challenge.

How can you achieve this difficult key sales requirement cost effectively and efficiently?

Customers buy from people they Know, like and trust and the best way to re enforce these feelings is to give the customer something that is useful to them, Free.

Customers like free stuff particularly if its useful Free Stuff.

The Logical conclusion is to combine Free Stuff, Useful Free Stuff and Brand Awareness with an easy method of contacting you and buying more.

This is where the Challis Ag+ Anti-Virus Mobile Phone Mat ticks all the right boxes.

  • Its a free Give-away to your Customer included with their most recent order

  • It has your brand on it

  • Its something thats useful to the Customer, anti virus protection for their mobile phone

  • Its sticks right on the Customers desk, easily accessible

  • It has Longevity

  • Customers phone is actually on it

  • Scanning the QR code printed on the mat takes the Customer directly to your web site

  • Your Customer is one scan away from re ordering more products from you quickly and easily

  • Your brand, contact details and web site is now First Level Retrieval

  • Stops your Customers going to your competitors

Another Marketing Opportunity

Customers love Free Stuff. Why not use the Anti Virus phone mat concept as a key exchange for valuable contact information. Why not offer to send your customer or potential customer a free anti-virus phone mat in exchange for their email address. You will not only have their contact details but your brand and first level retrieval along with web shop access on your customers desk. A win win for all concerned.

If you would like to learn more about how you can use the Challis Anti Virus Mobile Phone Mat to make more sales, engage with your customer and make their buying experience quicker and easier call us on 01629 530800 or visit our web site (Click Here)

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