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Challis have a long pedigree in supplying high quality, innovative,robust and reliable showers and taps to a broad range of commercial and residential applications.
With our Swedish partners FM Mattsson & Mora Armatur we have the enviable ability to provide our clients with as many units as they require on time and on budget.


Improving Member Retention

Social Housing

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Quality Products At An Affordable price

University Accommodation


Unique Combination of Robust Reliability and Design

Military Accommodation

Form, Function & Robust Reliability

Hotel Accommodation

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Design & Innovation

Challis Water Booster

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BIM Objects

Our aim is to make the intergration of our products into your design as simple effecient and quick as possible.  With this in mind all our primary product lines data has now been converted to BIM objects

Mora Armatur

With our Mora Armatur primary products now fully converted into BIM data, full integration into your specification is quick, easy and efficient.


About Us

Challis Showers: Solution Providers

Challis Showers is an industry leading showers, taps and accessories supplier and manufacturer, supplying individuals and companies all across the UK with innovative products and solutions. We are a family business founded in 2000 by Chris, Russell & Simon Challis, and have been located just outside London in the picturesque Thame side village of Cookham nr Maidenhead ever since. Learn all about Challis Showers and what we offer by giving us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you with any information regarding a specific product service or solution.

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FM Mattsson Mora UK Brochure 2020

Spring 2020

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Damixa Brochure

Spring 2020

Damixa Silhouet

Spring 2020


Case Studies

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Excellent case study at one of Sweden's primary regional airports. WMS Water Management System enabled electronic taps fitted throughout the airport facilitating wireless reporting and control, along with significant water and energy savings across the site.

Goteborg Airport

Pilot project at Copenhagen primary school showed that 30% of the total water consumption of the school could be saved by just replacing the water taps.  This successful test site resulted in our taps being installed in all 40 schools across Copenhagen area saving €186,000 per annum

Copenhagen Primary Schools

Over the last two years, the Copenhagen childcare centre FS Rosa on Amager has
reduced its water consumption by as much as 27%, a saving of approximately
Euro 4.000 per year, thanks to new electronic energy-saving taps. In total, the
municipality expects to save Euro 320.000 a year on water consumption for the first 200 institutions alone.

Copenhagen Childcare Centres

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Our WMS enabled taps installed in the Nordic Countries largest exhibition centre immediately resulted in significant water and energy savings combined with visible and clear patterns of usage enabling accurate and timely allocation of washroom cleaning and consumables replenishment.

Stockholm Exhibition Centre

With our Patented Water Widget we partnered with OFGEM to distribute over 4 million water and energy-saving devices saving over 4 million tonnes CO2

Carbon Reduction Scheme

Challis FM Mattsson showers were selected by the British Antarctic Survey for their South Pole base. A choice that would make most people conclude that they were quite reliable units.

British Antarctic Survey

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 15.07.01.png

Idre Fjall is a popular summer and winter resort in Sweden. With the aim of creating sustainable facilities, Idre Fjall installed FM Mattsson WMS Water management system mixers throughout its public facilities

Idre Fjall Resort Sweden



We have over 17,000 products and unfortunately are unable to display all of them on this web site.  If you have a requirement that you cannot find please do not hesitate to contact us directly as there is a very good chance that we will indeed have exactly what you require.

Europower House, Lower Road, Cookham, Maidenhead SL6 9EH, UK

01628 529024


01628 529024

Europower House, Lower Road, Cookham, Maidenhead SL6 9EH, UK

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