How to Protect Your Tap Outlet From Pseudomonas & Legionella

Various reports over recent years have identified tap outlets and diffusers as a primary source of biofilm build up and subsequent proliferation of micro organisms such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and legionella in tap diffusers and tap spouts.

This proliferation seems to be caused by two factors. Firstly the restriction of flow through diffusers and aerators encourages the build up of biofilm. Secondly the aeration effect of the aerator diffusers combined with splash back from the sink and drain hole facilitates vapour contamination of the tap outlet and subsequent contamination of the tap spout.

Over the last few years various manufacturers have developed innovative, imaginative, complicated and expensive solutions to these problems.  From dramatic re design of the sink, re positioning the sink drain, right through to the complete re design of the wash station with UV and digital readout. All these concepts overlooked the fundamental simplicity of the problem, how to prevent contaminated aerosol from re contaminating the Tap outlet? Why not seal off the outlet when it's not being used?

This is where Challis Ag+ simple approach to any problem resulted in a cost effective simple solution in the form of our Patented Tap Widget fitting.  Our simple tap insert replaces the internals your current tap diffuser. The Challis Ag+ Tap Widget is designed to enable the outlet to stretch open when water flow passes through and then seals shut when water flow ceases. This innovative action means that the tap outlet is effectively closed and sealed when the water flow ceases, preventing any back contamination of the tap outlet or spout, by aerosols.

The Challis Ag+ Tap Widget is designed to be replaced each quarter and combines seamlessly with our Ag+ Shower Replacement Scheme.

A simple cost effective solution that can be quickly and easily retro fitted to any Tap, providing 24/7 anti microbial protection across your estate.

Tap Widget Anti-Microbial Tap protector


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