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Our Patented Sentinel Snake is made up of a fine woven copper silver mesh formed into a snake that can be fitted into supply pipework or hoses.  The anti-microbial efficay of copper and silver is well documented and the inclusion of our pateneted Sentinel Snake into any pipework or hose will have a significant anti microbial effect on any water borne pathogens that it comes into contact with. Our Sentinel Snakes can be bespoke manufactured to any length or diameter to fit clients specific requirements.  We recommend that snakes diametre is sized a little smaller that the diameter of the pipework, this is not only to ensure easy fitting but also to enable back and forth movement of the snake within the pipework which creates a scarifing effcet on the internal pipe surface and as such effcetivly prevents the build up of biofilm within the pipework.  The Sentinel Snake can be suppled on its own or can be bespke fitted into pre made pipework with fittings to make your installition quick and easy

Sentinel Snake

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