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Clear Handling

The display beams illuminate red and blue. If the user taps the red display beam, the light beam grows and the water warms up. The blue display beam shrinks accordingly.

Comort Experience

The clear geometry and cosmopolitan design of the faucet achieves the architectural objective of modern design interpretation and practical functionality at the same time. Senso is also economical, saving as much as 70 percent on water.

Touch-free, electronically controlled lavatory faucet:
· modular single-piece design with with small external mixer unit on angle valve
· housing made of brass, chrome-plated
· reliable solenoid valve (minimal level of water pressure surge)
· water supply connection with flexible high-pressure hoses (cold water + faucet, mixer directly to angle valve)
· adjustable temperature

· comfort water-saving by sensitive raindrop-aerator
· light use through mature LED technology
· illumination of the water jet in white
· electronically Touch-function - easy change of the temperature by touching the button
· temperature indication through lighted display bar (red, white, blue)
· changes by touching the button
· welcome-function (remote detection), light elements flashes white
· infrared-sensors with automatic setting feature
· microprocessor-electronic
· follow-up time and sensor sensitivity adjustable
· continuous water flow time and temporary-off adjustable
· installation similar to conventional single-lever faucet

Senso lavatory faucet, IR-sensor, with electronic mixing, chrome

SKU: 15501011
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