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  • Thermostatic function, with adjustable temperature
  • Battery operation, can be converted to mains operation 
  • Connection up G1/2" 
  • Solenoid valve, shut-off valve and electronics integrated in the shower head 
  • Programmable start button. Rinsing time from 10–60 seconds, (30 seconds is the factory preset) 
  • Flush Timeout - safety shut-off to prevent flooding, maximum of 5 minutes 
  • Jet angle adjustable +/- 5° 
  • Flow limiter 9 l/min 
  • Can be turned off by solenoid valve (eg for cleaning) 
  • Low power consumption - Long life 
  • Equipped with system for thermal disinfection against legionella 
  • IP class sensor, IP67 
  • Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717

  • The power cable between the shower head and the start button should ideally be placed in the joints between wall tiles or in a pipe, but take care not to damage the wall’s moisture barrier 
  • Mounting panel 729490 can also be used for external installation 
  • For mains operation different accessories are required:  
    - Alternative 1: AC adapter 729478.AE and power supply 729470, alternatively transformer 729475, plus extension cable (5 m) 729477.AE  
    - Alternative 2: AC adapter 729478.AE and voltage distributor 729499, plus extension cable (10 m) 729488.AE

    Tronic WMS: 
  • Note! Gateway and subscription or dongle are required for the WMS function 
  • The following options are available with wireless connection to our Tronic WMS system: 
  • Programmable rinsing time from 10–60 seconds, (30 seconds is the factory preset) 
  • Selection of activation type: 
    - Saving mode, set time, always flush at the same time, factory preset mode 
    - Normal, rinsing time is extended if you press again before it stops 
    - Switching mode, set time, reactivation interrupts flushing 
  • Adjustable hygiene flushing, interval and rinsing time (in order to prevent stagnant water) 
  • Logging of all flushings with point of time, water consumption and temperature for individual mixer or group of mixers (minimum, maximum and average values) 
  • Battery monitoring 
  • Built-in temperature measurements of mixed water temperature 
  • Programmable temperature stop, the mixer will turn off directly at set maximum temperature 
  • Initiate hot water rinsing

Mora Tronic Shower Panel

SKU: 729490
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