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MORA GARDEN wall-mounted outdoor shower

A refreshing shower on hot summer days or a handy tap to fill your watering can. The outdoor shower that adds a personal touch to your garden. The wall-mounted model is fixed to a suitable wall, pole or tree with four screws. It has two water outlets: an overhead shower and a tap. Easily connect your garden hose to the shower and use the knob on the shower bar to divert the water between the shower and the tap. Available in both black and steel grey.

If you want to move around the shower in the garden or take it to the summer cottage, there is a practical foot to buy as an accessory.

If the mixer will be subjected to external temperatures lower than 0 °C, the product must be emptied of water, disassembled, and stored in a heated space.

Mora Garden Shower

SKU: 4000005
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