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As we move into a post Covid-19 environment, customers, guests and members are becoming increasinly aware of viral and bacterial risks and are demanding the reassurance that dispensers, that can action without the need for contact, provide.

Wall Mounted Sensor Soap & Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Capacity 1000ml

Suitable for liquid soap or hand sanitiser

Flow: Each Dispense 1ml

Operating: Electronic Dispenser with infrared sensor detection 20 cm from hands

Power supply: 4 Batteries LR14 Type C not Included. or 6V DC

Materials: Brushed Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 280mm (H) x 122mm (L) x 112mm (D)

Security: Front Window for Soap Level Secured Device opening with key


Description: Wall Mounted Sensor Soap & Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Product Reference:   CWC 60376 Brushed Stainless Steel   CWC 60375 ABS White Plastic

Colour:   Chrome or White Plastic


Challis MS Ltd

Europower House Lower Road,

Cookham, Berkshire


Web Site;


Telephone: 01628 529024

Electronic No Touch Soap & Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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