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  • The Challis concealed dual flush valve makes it possible to have two flush volumes using two separate push buttons. The flush is activated by pressing one of the buttons. The two volumes can be adjusted independently from 2.5L to 5L for low volume and from 6L to 9L for high volume. Integrated stop valve.

Recommended working pressure:

  • 1 to 5 bars

Flush volume:

  • Half flush :adjustable from 2,5 to 5L Full flush: ajustable from 6 to 9L

Flow time:

  • Half flush : from 2 to 5 seconds Full flush: from 6 to 9 seconds

Hydraulic supply:

  • G 3/4" (20x27) male angled - Outlet with connector for flush tube Ø 28 mm Material and finish colour - Raw brass body and stop valve - Nickel-chrome treated brass push-button


  • Vacuum breaker: protects potable water networks from possible returns of polluted water - S® System preventing blocking in the continuous flow position and guaranteeing complete flushing

Delivered with:

  • 1 Concealed ABS case 1 Brushed chromed -plated front plate 1 Stop-valve 1 Instruction manual

Standards / Approvals:

  • Acoustic class II - Brass body compliant with standards NF EN1982 / NF EN12164 / NF EN12165 - Nickel-Chrome surface treatment compliant with NF EN12540 - Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) resistant: 200 h according to NF ISO 9227


Direct Flush Unit

Product Reference:   Direct Flush

Colour:   Chrome


Challis MS Ltd

Europower House Lower Road,

Cookham, Berkshire


Web Site;


Telephone: 01628 529024

Challis Direct Flush Valve c/w Adjustable Dual Volume

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