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Cut Costs & Replace All Your POU Filters

Permanent Solution To Any Microbial Flair Ups

In the current global COVID-19 situation, it is ever more important to be protected from a virus in water and showers.

Watersprint develops and manufactures products and applications for UV LED water purification. These are based on an invention which was recognized in the Nobel Prize for physics in 2014.

It is equally crucial to minimise the risk from secondary sources of infection. A waterborne virus can significantly lower immunological defence, increasing the risk of getting sick from new viral infections such as COVID-19.  

And looking at it from another perspective, viral and epidemiological expert’s say that a majority of the population will probably end up with COVID-19, which will also add to our vulnerability from other infections. In both cases, the ready availability of viral and bacteria-free water will be of great help.

Challis Ag+ in partnership with FM Mattsson & WaterSprint is pleased to announce the launch of WaterSprint, an innovative, safe and efficient technology for water purification, killing all microorganisms through LED technology. 

The WaterSprint is compact, energy-efficient and an ideal cost-saving replacement for expensive short life water filters normally used in Augmented Care applications where clean microbial free water is essential

We all need clean water to survive. With a simple installation, our customers eliminate risk of Legionella and other harmful bacteria and viruses sometimes present in taps and shower outlets at a fraction of the cost of conventional filters.

Perhaps best of all – our small modules are maintenance-free!
Most of our products are also connected via Wi-Fi to ensure safe operation and supervision.
That is why we call it an intelligent water purification system.

Watersprint’s units provide microbial protection in the following areas:
Residential – showers, taps, faucets, wells, RO/filter control
Commercial – watercoolers (mains), ice makers, fitness centres
Healthcare – hospitals, clinics, “safe water points”
Public Institutions – schools, gyms, sports arenas, elderly homes
Transportation –  RVs such as campers, trailers & motorhomes
Marine – cruise ships, boats, ballast water
Industrial – integrated applications, replacement of Hg
Life Sciences – medical devices, dialysis water, clinics and where demand for microbially clean water is crucial
Emergency – drinking water applications in locations that demand robust sometimes off-grid solutions, aid applications.



Challis Ag+ WaterSprint UV C LED Water Purification Unit

Product Reference:   WaterSprint

Colour:   Chrome


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Challis Ag+ WaterSprint UV C LED Water Purification Unit

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