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Challis AG+ Safe Tap M24
150 Days 24/7 Anti Bacterial Protection

Water contamination with pathogens, even light, can constitute a real danger, particularly in high dependency wards. The most efficient and safe solution is filtration at the point of use. Challis Safe Tap MicroFilter is designed to fit any standard modern tap and consists of a microfiltration membrane cartridge made of Polysulfone which filters and retains high bacterial charges and thus prevents contamination and its consequences. The Challis Micro Filter, unlike many of our competitors, is classed as an Ultra Filter 0.1u and as such is the only filter that captures Viruses. It secures the water at the point of use and is particularly suited to high dependency areas where risk is high. With an effective membrane area 3,600 cm the Challis Safe Tap MicroFilter has THREE Times as much filtration capacity as comparable filters currently available in the market. The Challis Safe Tap is the only tap filter that comes complete with an integrated check valve. This means that bacteria caught in the filter cannot flow back into the tap and supply pipework causing retro-contamination. The Challis Safe Tap is the only Tap filter currently available on the market that has this feature or capability.

  • Up to 150 Days 24/7 Protection
  • 3 x More Filtration Membrane area than comparable tap filters
  • 0.1u pore diameter Ultra Filtration now includes Virus protection
  • Standard Fit M24 (no expensive adaptors)
  • Compact Version Length 7.8cm
  • Only Tap Filter with Integrated Check Valves
  • Competitive pricing

Challis Ag+ Tap Ultra Filtration 0.1u Filter M24

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