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Legionella Outbreaks in Hotels and Hospitality application shower hoses have already led to:

  • Large Fines
  • Damaged Business Reputation
  • Business Closure

Shower hoses provides the ideal environment for the proliferation of the Legionella bacterium particularly when rooms have not been used recently.

Protect Your Business From This Risk Fit   Challis Ag+ Sentinel ® Hose

The Ag+ Sentinel hose comes complete with internal silver coated copper mesh insert which combines a long term proven anti-legionella biocide action of silver/copper with a scarifying effect which removes any biofilm build up on internal surfaces providing long term 24/7 protection from legionella and pseudomonas within the hose.

Challis Ag+ Sentinel® Shower Hose Protecting Your Business 24/7


Shower Head

Material: ABS Plastic

Anti Bacterial Insert: Silver Coated Copper Mesh Hose Length: 1.25m

Colour: White With Colour Coded Face

Material :        PVC

Colours:  White 

Fittings:          1/2" BSP

Anti Bacterial Insert: Silver Coated Copper Mesh

Product Code:  SEN/HOSE/615WG1.25MB

Applications: Hotels , Accommodation & Hospitality Long Term 24/7 Anti Microbial Protection

Challis Ag+ Sentinel Shower & Hose kit

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