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Challis Ag+Sensor Pool Side Electronic Shower panel c/w Auto Flush

This sleek compack and elegant unit is ideal for any application where guaranteed saving, enhanced hygene, assured comfort and certified endurance are key requirements.Now Available with our Patented Anti Legionella/ Pseudomonas Sentinel Technology  as an optional extra.

  • Modern & Slim design.
  • Non visible Fixings, slim panel
  • Anti fingerprint finish
  • Tested for over 500,000 cycles
  • Pre Blended Supply
  • Auto Stop 30 sec
  • Anti Blocking System
  • Electronic Touchless Stop/Start
  • Times Flow Adjustable
  • Duty Flush Capability
  • Useage Data Download


Challis Ag+Sensor Pool Side Electronic Shower Panel c/w Auto Flush

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