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Challis Ag+ c/w Extendable shower hose 1.0m - 2.0m length

Shower hoses are never quite long enough, particularly when nursing staff are involved in assisted bathing.  Wouldn't be great to have that extra bit of reach?

Unfortunately, one of the compromises one has to make when you have longer hoses is that they tend to drag on the floor and as such are often prone to contamination.  To negate this risk Challis Ag+ has developed the extendable hose which after use retract to more than half its length thus avoiding any likelihood of the hose touching the floor.

The Challis Ag+ extendable hose also means that regardless of the length of hose required you need only consider one unit to facilitate all your needs and requirements whether that be a short or long hose

Challis Ag+ c/w Extendable Hose 1.0 - 2.0 meters

  • Challis Ag+ c/w Extendable Shower hose is a Patented Pending Product

  • The unique design of the Ag+ c/w extendable shower hose is a Registered Design by Challis MS Ltd

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