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NEW From Challis Ag+ our Innovative Eco Friendly Biological Urinal System is a huge step forward in washroom hygiene.


Quarterly Change, Colour Coded BactiBalls


Every time the urinal is used or flushed fluid passes over the BactiBall and erodes a small amount of the friendly bacterium into the drain.  The bacterium then replicates itself while it devours foul odour causing bad bacterium and softens the hard uric scale deposits, ensuring the drain remains serviceable and hygienic. The flushing water assists the bacterium to move down the drain consuming more waste as it goes.


Key Benefits


  • Significant Water Saving With Reduced Flushing
  • Simple and Quick Installation
  • Colour Coded for Quarterly Replacement
  • Easy Audit & Replacement
  • Reduced Cleaning Costs
  • Reduced Plumber Call Outs
  • Negates Need For Aggressive Chemicals
  • Completely Eco Friendly
  • Reduces Foul Urinal Odours
  • Keeps Urinal Drains Clean
  • Prevents Urinal Backing Up
  • Imparts Fresh Fragrance
  • Quick Payback
  • Significant Improvement Over Standard Urinal Cubes

Challis Ag+ BactiBalls Eco Friendly Biological Urinal & Toilet Cleaners

SKU: BactiBall
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