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Biofilm build up in standard tap diffusers is a well known researched safety & infection control problem, which is often accelerated by the splash back of airborne micro organisms from sink drains re contaminating the diffuser in the tap spout end.  By fitting the Challis Ag+ copper tap diffuser this risk is significantly reduced
Brand New CopperSafe Anti-Microbial Tap Diffuser
• Fits Any Tap incl Armitage Shanks Markwik M24 M21.5 & Universal Fit
• Easy & Quick to Fit
• Easy & Quick to Clean
• Cuts Costs
• Stops Biofilm
• 24/7  365 Day Anti Microbial Protection
• Robust
• Reliable
• Long Working Life
• Free Flow with No Restrictions
• Cost Effective Solution to Known Contamination Problem
• Kills Splash Back Contamination
• Reduced Maintenance Requirement

Ag+ Copper Anti Microbial Tap Diffuser

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