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Challis Ag+ Disposable Drench Shower Head (Colour Coded) Ideal for Hospital, Hotel or University accommodation applications whereby it's now more cost effective to replace the head than clean it.

Combining affordability and designer looks.

Our elegant design will surpass any brand standard providing cost-effective replacements that are robust, reliable and more importantly look the part, exceeding your client's expectations

Colour Coding enables safe,simple & efficient Showerhead Change Audit trail

Ag+ Anti Microbial Disposable Shower Head

  • Hand Held Showerhead & Hose


    Colour Coded Face: Green Yellow Blue Purple Orange

    Finish: White or Chrome

    Single Function

    Fitting: 1/2" BSP Standard Hose Fitting

    Flow: Various Litres on Request

    Applications: Ideal for Hospitals Hotels, University & Military Accomodation

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