Challis Ag+ UltraClean Shower Scheme

As part of our policy of continual product development and improvement Challis Ag+ are pleased to announce the launch of our new UltraClean Service.


Having appreciated the significant maintenance burden and compliance challenge facing Estates management teams across the UK it has become very clear that a safe, cost effective and efficient alternative to onsite hand a bucket cleaning is required.


The Challis UltraClean service is simplicity personified in that we combine our proven and reliable 24/7 protection Challis Ag+ Antimicrobial showers units with an exchange, clean and return service that delivers:


  • Safety
  • Complience
  • Cost Saving
  • Convenience
  • Sustainability


Under the Challis Ag+ Ultra Clean Shower scheme our Ag+ anti microbial showers are delivered  and exchanged each quarter to be returned to our cleaning facility where they undergo a vigorous 5 stage decontamination and disinfection process.  These, as new, units are then returned to site to seamlessly await the next quarters replacement cycle.


Challis Ag+ UltraClean Shower Scheme

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